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There are plenty of families who would welcome a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered/transsexual (GLBT) member; there are a lot of GLBT folk out there who, sadly, have been abandoned by their families. This is all about matching those people up, 'cause family can be a very nice thing to have.
The GLBT community does a fantastic job of taking care of its own, and, in a sense, this effort is an extension of that; it's also an opportunity for people outside that community to reach out and be reached out to in a very fundamental and meaningful way.
Family belongs to an individual; it's not contingent on friendships or relationships with anyone other than said family. Family can live in-town or across the country (or even countries.) You can see them a few times a year or every other week; depends on the family. Family is there for you in good times and bad, is someone to call for advice or just to check in, is someone to get together with on holidays or even just for brunch.
It's not a light commitment to truly make someone a family member or to join a family. Please be thoughtful and responsible about this decision, and make certain everyone involved is in full and complete agreement. We want to see families grow in a beautiful way, and we don't want anyone to get hurt!
We have, at this time, no way to vet people, so you do this completely at your own risk. (Legalese will eventually be put in place.) Be careful and responsible, the same way you would/should meeting any stranger, maybe even moreso.

We intend to set up a matching service at friendlyfamilies.org, and this community is currently for those who want to help in building the site. We expect that, once the site is up and running, this will become a virtual adjunct for people to interact. Right now, it also doubles as a place for people who want to get involved to let us know about that, whether as builders of the idea, as families, or as people looking for families. If you join, please let us know what role(s) fit you.